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Testimonial: Parenting Class Graduate

January 2024

A recent graduate of the Indiana Family Care Center Parenting Classes shares her thoughts and experience.

I haven’t been going to Hope’s Closet for very long. I heard about this amazing program one day when I was at the WIC office needing assistance with baby formula during a hard time that our family was facing.

After the loss of my father-in-law, I was stressed out worrying about if I was being a good mom, or if I was even there enough for my baby. Even if I was doing the right things for my baby.

Some people may say that going to these classes are silly and pointless, but to me they have been educational and extremely helpful. One of the classes I chose to do was on nutritional values. I felt like I wasn’t feeding her the right amount or even the right stuff. After this class it reassured me that I was doing the right stuff. I was feeding her the right amount of fruits and vegetables.

The best video that I have watched was the video about potty training. In the video I learned that I would need a lot of patience and even potty rewards.

I think the more and more I attend these classes the more I feel at ease about being a new mom and knowing what I’m doing is what is beneficial to my baby and that there is never a right and wrong way to parent …. it’s only your way.

With lots of love and patience and good day to day habits, you will become successful in your own way at your own time.

In the end, the parenting sessions and Hope’s Closet is a beneficial way to help you overcome the fear of parenting.

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