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The Road to Recovery and Gaining Custody of Kids

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The Indiana Dream Center is delighted to share the graduation of Alex Toth! Alex is an amazing guy that has followed God and allowed Him to guide him daily.

Alex honestly believes God led him to the Indiana Dream Center. When he asked the judge for a modification of his sentence, Alex expected things to work out a certain way. At that time, God was leading him on the path that He had for Alex. While in prison, Alex would occasionally read his bible. When he returned to the jail, he became more faithful with his time with God.

Alex shared that he first heard of the Indiana Dream Center and met Donnie Foster, Pastor and Program Director of the Indiana Dream Center, while in prison, however, he was not interested because it was a 12-month program. Alex again connected with Donnie while in the Huntington County Jail. Donnie met with him and accepted Alex into the program.

One of Alex’s memories is of all ten guys sitting around the table sharing their support of one another. The brotherhood and commradery that is found in the homes is priceless. Alex continued by saying, “his girls have even gotten something out of the program witnessing the love and family atmosphere.”

When Alex has spare time, he enjoys spending time with his girls and working out. When Alex was asked what he is looking forward to the most after graduation, he replied, “finding a house large enough to get custody of my three girls.”

Alex is currently employed with a local business. One of the many things Alex accomplished while at the Indiana Dream Center was getting his driver’s license back after five years. On July 31st, Alex will be 3 years clean!!

Alex wanted to share a special THANK YOU to everyone that had a part in his recovery.

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