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Let's Celebrate Adam!

Please join the Indiana Dream Center in congratulating Adam Spring on his graduation from the in-patient program!

Adam is a fun-loving guy that is ready to start the “next chapter of his life being sober.” Adam’s struggles began at the age of 15. In November 2019, Adam was in an accident and received an OWI.

Adam was led to the Indiana Dream Center through his parents, who knew Donnie Foster, Pastor and Program Director. Adam shared that his biggest blessing while being a part of the Indiana Dream Center was a fellow disciple, Noah. Noah gave him the support that he needed while having fun at the same time. Adam continued by sharing that the program has also allowed him to rebuild his relationship with his parents and build his leadership skills while in the home. The biggest life skill that Adam gained was goal setting.

Adam is currently working full time with a boss that continues to help him grow with God and feeds him full of knowledge.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys playing and watching sports, hanging out with the guys in the home, and relaxing and watching TV with his new bride, Megan.

When Adam was asked what he is most looking forward to, he replied, “starting a family and staying connected with good friends.”

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